Hobart Hood Passthrough Washer Model AMXS-16 single phase


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We have in stock a very nice Hobart Hood Passthrough Washer Model AMXS Single phase pretty rare on 1 phase 24 amp or can also be 3 phase machine.

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Fully serviced by our own Hobart trained engineer. All deep cleaned and ready to go. We can also do table and sink with it at £450 extra.

The AMX series of dishwasher combines the latest technology with renowned Hobart expertise to deliver:

  • Up to 60 racks per hour
  • Choice of 3 wash/rinse programmes: 60, 90 and 120 seconds
  • For corner or straight through operation •
  • Simple to use SMARTRONIC hood mounted controls
  • Just 6 components to remove for cleaning
  • Easy to remove rack track
  • Automatic self flushing drain cycle on machine shut down
  • INTENSIV wash system delivers outstanding results and significantly reduces running costs
  • Choice of cycles to match degree of soiling: 60, 90 and 120 seconds
  • Consistent wash temperature with ECOTHERM heating
  • Interlocked strainer
  • Accurate integral detergent and rinsing dosing equipment
  • Genius X2 removes 20-40% more debris from the wash water and saves up to 40% on detergent usage
  • Wash tank capacity of just 10.8 litres, saves on water and energy
  • Fully insulated 4 sided hood
  • 440mm high hood opening, high enough to allow double racking
  • ACCURINSE uses just 2.5ltr per rack
  • Drain Heat Recovery option

Width : 635 (mm)
Height : 1510 (mm)
Depth : 635 (mm)

This has been tested & refurbished, please call or email for further information


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